Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My life is coming apart at the seems. I was an awful bitch to Andy, showing her my side I swore I would never show her, even when i felt like RIPPING HER HEAD OFF AND CLAWING APART... see??!?!?!? I'm like some sort of MONSTER. When I get out of control, I'm gone and they'res nothing in this universe that can stop me. Even if it means I get arrested.
I don't want to live like this. I don't want to be known as "that scary chick". I want to be a good, in control person. And I try. I really, honest to god, do try. But I always seem to fail.
Someone, please, help me.

*and now for something completely diffrent!!*

Here are the weirdest summer qoutes (so far)

"Oh, that's OK, I'll just put it in my bra."
"Goats!!! It NEEDS goats!!!"
"Clamping vagina, clamping vagina..."
"It's like helmets..on crack..."
"Look!!! An ardvark!!"


Ms. Smiley Face said...

umm.... nice... quotes... but sorry, i would help, but uh... i'm DEFINITELY not someone who people should ask for advise... unless it has something to do with ms. smiley face or good books or weird word verification things that call you emo or bugfu...

Ladybug Girl said...

The quotes are FUNNY! About the Andy thing, follow your own advice. Take a few steps back from the whole thing and just breathe. Follow the 5 minute rule. It'll work.