Friday, June 27, 2008

Blood Is Best

Oh, dear god.
So, I was at the street fair today, having a generally good time, hanging out with Bepe and her friends (lots of family, and Bepe's gonna hook me up with her incredibly hot ex!!!!!!!!)

But that was not the best part. i was drinking a Diet Coke when bepe said that most of her friends could smell people- JUST LIKE I DO. not only that, but we smell the same smells, and the points where it's strongest (wrists, neck) are the same. Then, she told me it's their BLOOD. yes, you heard me right. BLOOD. So one of the friends poured me some of hers.

And I drank it.

Oh. My. Good. God.

For those of you in the back there, going EEEEWWWWW, listen. It was the BEST thing I had EVER tasted. It's like each person's smell...only better, sweeter. I know this sounds like shit, but I swear it's true. Blood tastes amazing. If you can smell it, I mean.

Now I want more... tell Gita not to have any open wounds around me. Or most people, for that matter. I'm not too picky (yet).

I'm sorry if I freaked/grossed any of you out.

But it's incredible. It's impossible to describe, the taste.


Ms. Smiley Face said...

I keep tasting blood. It's my own though... and it's gross! (my oral surgery makes my mouth bleed a lot.)

Ladybug Girl said...

I know! I do this too!!! I flip out whenever i'm in a closed room w/ someone who's bleeding....

Ms. Smiley Face said...

i dont... i only flip out if i caused the bleeding... and a lot of it!

deadMouse said...

wow creepy and yet true. blood tastes really unique depending on whos it is.. i don't know about scents tho... but yeah. tiz, i think you're turning into a vampy!