Monday, June 30, 2008


My comp dosnt work...:( At all.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lets Get Visual

For those of you who need reference to exactly how epically I failed, this site should give you the idea. Click the linky-link, swallow any and all liquids you happen to be drinking, and make sure you don't need to go pee (LEAH), because I nearly died laughing!!!

Epic. Fail.

My computer still isn't working, so sry if I'm slow on emails/blog.

I epic-failed at photoshop 2day. :P Got it (Finally!!! My comp's version SUCKED!!!) And...I failed. Argh, I screwed up some of my photos so bad I though I could nvr fix them. Thank god for "Undo!" I'm falling back unto my failsafe plan of tinker-with-it-randomly-till-the-fucking-thing-works.

Starting a new improv camp 2morrow.

I am delicious. Very delicious.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Now I;'m dizzy and sick. This sucks. Its like my head hurts and my arms hurt and i'm dizzy and blergh. Note to self: no more blood.

I got 2 henna tattos! One says "I reject your reality and substitute my own..." and the other one says 'quack, damn you!" with a duck under it :P

Friday, June 27, 2008

Blood Is Best

Oh, dear god.
So, I was at the street fair today, having a generally good time, hanging out with Bepe and her friends (lots of family, and Bepe's gonna hook me up with her incredibly hot ex!!!!!!!!)

But that was not the best part. i was drinking a Diet Coke when bepe said that most of her friends could smell people- JUST LIKE I DO. not only that, but we smell the same smells, and the points where it's strongest (wrists, neck) are the same. Then, she told me it's their BLOOD. yes, you heard me right. BLOOD. So one of the friends poured me some of hers.

And I drank it.

Oh. My. Good. God.

For those of you in the back there, going EEEEWWWWW, listen. It was the BEST thing I had EVER tasted. It's like each person's smell...only better, sweeter. I know this sounds like shit, but I swear it's true. Blood tastes amazing. If you can smell it, I mean.

Now I want more... tell Gita not to have any open wounds around me. Or most people, for that matter. I'm not too picky (yet).

I'm sorry if I freaked/grossed any of you out.

But it's incredible. It's impossible to describe, the taste.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Jasper!

I took 3 Twilight quizzes, and I'm Jasper Hale!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My life is coming apart at the seems. I was an awful bitch to Andy, showing her my side I swore I would never show her, even when i felt like RIPPING HER HEAD OFF AND CLAWING APART... see??!?!?!? I'm like some sort of MONSTER. When I get out of control, I'm gone and they'res nothing in this universe that can stop me. Even if it means I get arrested.
I don't want to live like this. I don't want to be known as "that scary chick". I want to be a good, in control person. And I try. I really, honest to god, do try. But I always seem to fail.
Someone, please, help me.

*and now for something completely diffrent!!*

Here are the weirdest summer qoutes (so far)

"Oh, that's OK, I'll just put it in my bra."
"Goats!!! It NEEDS goats!!!"
"Clamping vagina, clamping vagina..."
"It's like helmets..on crack..."
"Look!!! An ardvark!!"

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Head Just Exploded In Cuteness

The two blondes that drop in here were made by one of my teachers. Yes, this IS really what I'm spending the next week making.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I can;t email/blog from MY comp, and I'm about to go to a 9-6 summer camp, so don;t expect much in the next week...:(
:) if you need to contact me, call me!! I usually dont respond to texts...

Do Not Read Unless You Don't Mind Angst

Okay, this is how it is. I know I'm gay. I'm okay with that. makes me think. Could this just bean offset of my quest to be diffrent? Seriously, because with the ammount of hate and shit lesbians get, it's not a fun thing. I mean, I try sooooo damn hard to be nonconformist, and very few people are a 5 out of 6 on the Kinsley scale that it would make me diffrent. But still and yet, the idea of even holding hands with a guy freaks me out mucho. Is this who I am as a person? Or is this a side effect of my rewiring brain? I didn't really "get it"till puberty hit...don't most ppl know they're diffrent from when they're bitty? And I'm not butch at all. I know that's just a streyotype...but in truth I like geeky girls. ARE there any bookish geeky utterly insane Sapphists out there? Am I alone? And will this post humiliate me in ten years when I have a husband and kids and think "Oh I was such a screwed up child!" I doubt I WILL ever even date another guy..but with the new hormone therapy that's emerging, mabye the government will FORCE the GLBs to change. Scary shit.

My computer hates me at the moment, so email is minimal. sooooo sorry for not responding sooner!!! :( :( :(

IaP is getting more complex...choose if you want Trace, Mild, Moderate or Severe mutation! The bigger degree of mutation, the bigger the advantage...and the price!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Uhm, Nudge (in Manga at least) has boobs. Actually, honest to goodness, BOOBS. SHES LIKE ELEVEN! Not. Oh. Khay.
Plus, Max is...erm....*drool*

Angel's wings are much 2 tiny, but she looks aporpirately creepy as all shit. Fang and Iggy look exactly like every other manga boy in the universe- skinny with weird hair. Gazzy, however, I LOVEEE!!!

And why in the nine hells are they keeping Akira? (GET OVER IT TOTAL)

Yes, I know this is direct violationof my current no-MR thing.

I'm already feeling the effects (affects?) don;t worry. Big time. 30 mins of MR exposure is not resulting in fun...ness. And IZ have nothing to distract me. This is gonna suck.



Yep. there it goes. Byes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moo Pahi!!!!!!!

Moo pie and Elena are gone.....*WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!* :'(
Not that I'm sad or anything....:'( ::::::(
Lots of wet kisses all around...

turns out eleny's dating girls 2, which made me smeil so big my jaw cracked. OW.

I'm sparkly!!! I smell good!!!

Edward+Bella+Fang+Max=Lots of fun, I replied to ur comment!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Maximum Ride

Can some1 help me plz?

I cant READ, think about, or watch anything having to do with Max. I watched a 40 sec. Itex clip and BAM!!!! It felt like some1 had carved a huge hole on my belly button and stuffed me full with some really pissed off ants. I can't go to the movie. I had to curl up in a ball and whimper for 3.5 hours after the ITEX clip, what would 90 mins do?!?!?!

what do i do?!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

but Who To Betray?

Cro and Elena...are...I cant even say it....Edward+bella.

Should I tell my mother, because I'm her daughter and therfore I owe her much biggie? Or should I stay quiet and let my favorite (and most dangerous) cousin get away with THIS.

I'm so angry I just broke sevral plates and some mugs. (sry andy blamed it on u didnt wanna own up)


Finished the char sheets and the Rules and regulations.

I told my dad I'm a "Grade-A Saphist!" I wonder how long itll take him to figure it out...

LOL, still accepting ideas 4 IaP, even though I'm ALMOST done.

My 100th Post!!!

This is my 100th post!!!!!!!

Sorry if I dont post as much or respond to emails as much, I've got a 1 yr old at my house and my computer's messed up, so I have to borrow my moms which is being fought over by 6 people.

I'm working on the Rules and Regulations for IaP, they're long and legal...*sigh*. Start planning ur chars!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ink And Parchment

I have decided to call my site If I can. Comment ideas on what the freaking hell the premise for this epic fantasy writing game thing. Post apocolypitic sounds cool, but its very, VERY cliched, so I doubt that I should do that. and I want it to be on Earth, cuz I dont feel like inventing a whole freaking new start. ;)
LOL, i want 2 get this on-line ASAP, idealy when I start my job in the fall. Yes, I am working. yes, I will be making cash. Yes, most of it will go into hosting. No, nobody forced me to do this.
Comment like the wind! give me ideas! Otherwise the site WILL be shitty!!! Seven hands are better than three!
Hundreds of members are better than ten.....tell everyone u freaking know once its actually up and running.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I got turned down by Escaping Reality, a shitty good for nothing peice of crap online role playing game. Why is it awful? Because its a FANTASY game...with no FANTASY. EVERYONE is a "normal"(?!) human. With no powers. I tried to make this rly cool energy-vampire type FANTASY character, told she wasnt "realistic" enough.
HELLO!?!? Dont advertise as a fucking fanatsy game if you dont want fantasy fans making fantasy characters!! Thats almost like making a maximum ride game...where no one has wings!

I'm. Making. My. Own. Godammed. Website.


This could get interesting...


Friday, June 6, 2008

Peirced!!! Stabbed!!!

EEE!!!! Diamond nose stud in my nose, in my nose, diamond nose stud in my nose, all the live-long day!!!

I. Look. A-mazh-ing!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stupidest. Idea. Ever.

National Makeout day, I kid you not, is May 5th.

This makes no since in this or any ther universe; I can understand a day for love and gushy feelings, I can understand a day to celebrate the day some dead dude started walking, I can understand a day for the too damn hot times and the too damn cold times.

National Makeout Day makes no sense. The act which it celebrates, though enormously entertaining and sexy and a million other adjetives I won't list here because my blog's already X-Rated, is not a "special" thing. First time? Definitely. First time with someone new? Yup.

But, c'mon, most people over the age of 15 and under the age of 40 make out almost every day. (Especially in the high school/college years, if alcohol consumption statistics are to be trusted.)

It does not need a holiday. That would be like making a holiday for Diet Pepsi.

Not Quite Normal

'm better now. Sufice to say, I thougt of so many romantic gushy things I could say in this post that I'm now slightly nauseus. I love you, Andy. I'll wait till your're ready. And I'm so, so, so sorry for acting like such a bitch.

You know, in every coming-out story I've read, they start with, "I always knew something just wasn't right." Mine would start with "I layed in bed, idly playing with my canopy, humming a Placebo song, when the thought just sort of marched through my head: 'you're a lesbian'. It wasn't until I got up, showered, and was in the middle of my waffels when I even thought about them again. And then quickly dismissed the tought, because I didnt give a damn."

I have come to the conclusion that I Am Tuna. And I do think Brian Molko is hot. Prove me wrong.

And this link thing is way to much fun for my sanity!! Weird....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Fuck It' Mode

I am, officially, in Fuck It mode. God, I havent been in FI mode since the 5th grade. Basically I dont give a shit what I do anymore, what I say, or the hell I say it to. It's truly the "rabid flailing beast" in all of us. Or possibly just the absolutely plastered bitch in all of us.
Yep, I'm not providing deep thoughts or a rant or something in even vaugley funny in this post. I'm bitching and moaning and acting like pretty much every emo kid out there. I'm trying very, very hard not to smash something large and preferably alive, because the nearest avadabile thing is the 12-wk-old kitten I got yesterday. Even in FI mode, I'm not THAT cruel.
Okay, I am. Just not kittens. I bet I could take, like, 50 five yr olds in a fight right now. Fueled by Nutella. Fifty flailing five year olds fueled on Nutella.
Now I'm just scared, because I can totally imagine the little bastards kicking and screaming with chocolate covering their face, like some weird crack-Nutella addict.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. 'm talking to myself. Why? I don't know Tizri, ask yourself. Okay, why ARE you talking to yuorself? CAN IT GWEN! Better. Thank god for iPod controls!!!!!!!
I'm talking to myself because it gives me something to do other than focus on how incredibly self-pitying and emo I'm feeling. I sound like a whiny brat.
Oh, SHIT. 'Loose Lips" just came on.
I hope they come for me soon, the food's good in "survalence".
Tizri! Snap out of it! You're ranting like a mad crazy deranged person on a PUBLIC BLOG.

should I publish this? Yes, I should, because I need to remind myself exactly how insane I was.


The hell!?!?

Where did the last 7 hours go!?!?!?

Monday, June 2, 2008


This sucks. Officially.

You're so nice and you're so smart
you're such a good friend I hafta break your heart
I'll tell you that I love you then I'll tear your world apart
just pretend I didn't tear your would apart

I gues you can write that story now.


I am officially numb. You could drive a fucking sword through my arm and I wouldnt notice. So I decided to take adavantage of this oppurtunity to be as insane as I can be. Hours of disposable time+A shocked, numb and so crushed Tizri that "sad" dosent even SCRATCH the surface=WHEEEEEE
NOTE: I do actually LIKE all these artists. It's whats on my iPod. I just thought I'd poke fun.

AFI: We're not really. Ignore the eyeliner. And the tight black leather clothes.
Antsy Pants: We're 12!!! We're in Juno!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!
Apocalyptica: We make Metallica bareable. By using cellos. Yes, cellos. Side effects may include a sudden tate for classical music.
Danger: We have one hit. And it's in french. Dammit.
Darude: We have one hit.
Gwen Stefani: Yes, I had a band. Yes, my voice is still scary as hell. Yes, I continue making music.
I Hate Kate: Judging by the fact almost all their songs are about breaking up and bad girlfriends, beside being my food and drink right now, I can't help but think one of them formerly dating the aformentioned Kate. And he hates her. And likes using first person.
Kimya Dawson: I'm not a major star, I'm Indie and wear really Boulder-esqe clothes AND have hair that is AL MOST as scary as the guy from Tokoyo Hotel. And my lyrics, though cute, make no sense.
Lemon Demon: Yes, we did Potter Puppet Pals. Imagine musical form.
Nightwish: My incredibly hot voice and incredibly hot bod make up for the fact that everyone else in this band is possibly possesed/high/undead. Or mabye all three.
Nirvana: If you can understand what we're saying, you're just as stoned as we are. Were.
No Doubt: Pop band that specelizes in whiny, breakup-style songs. And songs about how much we think Gwen is hot.
Operator Please: Teen band Down Under. If you thought music couldn;t get any stranger, you were wrong. Be very afraid.
Paramore: I somehow managed to form a pop band and retain a punk identity! And, inevitibly, we'll move from punk pop to just pop, becoming as "punk" as Avril Lavine and destroying millions of pre teen hearts everywhere. Enjoy the awesome while it lasts.
Placebo: I am hot. My voice sounds like a sheep. It is also hot. We are what emo kids salavate over- and the eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish dosen't mean I'm not male. Did I mention our new drummer sucks?
Savage Garden: Middle aged women everywhere, rejoice! Your prayers have been awnsered! A band "cool" enough to be OK with the kids, but adult enough to be bearable!
Andrew Pants: Lemon Demon for people with ADD. Or AD/HD. Or both. Or all three.
Suzanne Vega: Slow, message-heavy songs. Some make you want to cry and kiss the very ground she walks on. Some make you want to strangle the woman.
T.A.T.U: We can break the fucking sound barrier with our voices! Watch us hit higher notes than humans can hear! You dog will go INSANE!
Three Days Grace: REBEL!!! REBEL, DAMN YOU!!!!!
"Weird Al": Someone escaped the for it!

This was not meant to be funny. This was meant to distract me. It did. For 20 minets. If it's not good, who cares?
Deal with it.

I may or may not go on a rant sooner or later...but now I gotta go update my OkCupid! Realtionship Status.

Let me leave you with words the will forever be a symbol of pain for me:


And Andy? Deal wit it. I be mad. I can has slack? I need vent. Bad.
Other option: I can has punch. I can has break concrete walls.