Sunday, June 29, 2008

Epic. Fail.

My computer still isn't working, so sry if I'm slow on emails/blog.

I epic-failed at photoshop 2day. :P Got it (Finally!!! My comp's version SUCKED!!!) And...I failed. Argh, I screwed up some of my photos so bad I though I could nvr fix them. Thank god for "Undo!" I'm falling back unto my failsafe plan of tinker-with-it-randomly-till-the-fucking-thing-works.

Starting a new improv camp 2morrow.

I am delicious. Very delicious.


Ladybug Girl said...

Owch. That sucks arse. You're delicious? oh.. You drank your own blood, didn't you?

fuzzy4ever said...

No...I'm just delicious. In general!!! :p