Monday, December 29, 2008



I have a feeling, just an inkling, that I'm getting better at this.



Mom saw me screwing (up) around with photoshop, so she gave me several challenges. 
The first was easy: give Summer Glau new makeup, a new haircut, and a brand-new dress. (Pic C) . EASY! The next was to turn the woman in Picture B into a 1920-1940's style movie star, make her look NO OLDER than 25, and turn her into a vampire. Harder. But, as you can see from photo A, I did it reasonably well. she looks a tad melted. I know. You should have seen here in color!!!!!!! Oh, fine... Next post, I'll give you the original summer and the color woman.


my mom yelled lawyer-style at the airport. Ten minets later?

*1812 overture*
Me: Hello?
TA Person: hello, is this a Miss Tizar-rey Zee-leg?
Me: Yea.. wassup?
TAP: Your bag should be at your house by midnight.
Me: Oh? It's on a plane?
TAP: No, on a truck. We had it in Denver all this time, but no-one wanted to look for it.
Me: well... thank you. Bye now! Stay shiny!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


MORE THan A THOUSAND DOLLARS OF CLOTHES. they have lost ALL of my favorite clothes, makeup, shampoo, my razor, MY COMBAT BOOTS, my BRAND NEW SHIRTS, ALL the presents to my little cousins, all my underwear, three hundred dollars' worth of bras.... the list goes on. sympathy, please! I need a pity party.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok, story Time Children!

Two days ago; kicked off as I am boarding. Today: get to the airport, delayed. Fine. Flight cancelled. Oh, and then because Chicago is a city no one ever goes to, and is totally in the middle of nowhere, no other flights are going there today. I was standing fifty feet from the plane I was supposed to board, and they say THERE ARE NO FLIGHTS.

It should be a federal offense, not letting a little girl see her family on Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Why Getting A Tounge Bath From A Puppy Is A Bad Idea

Now i'm sick. sick enough to feel like getting up to get another glass of tea is an Olympic effort. Sick enough to not register info coming into my head. sick enough so i cant think.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

what the FUCK

I was getting ON MY PLANE, then they said "we can't board you, it's ilegal to board a UM on the last connecting flight for the day"

couldn't they have told me earlier!?!? U know, while I was going through one of the million checkins they do?!


trip postponed till tuesday

G'bye All!

I am off to Michigan!  There was a plane crash at DIA last night, so next you hear from me, I will be VERY cranky. And tired. And have almost zero internet. Check out's top 100 qoutes, though. Hilarious!
Anyways, if my plane crashes and burns to, throw me the biggest damn party known to mankind! And get Amanda Palmer & Brian Molko to show up, too. And Neil Cicirega. 

back to the land of the non-morbid....
my Zoloft hath taken away my ability to write, so shit. Sorry if I don't stay up to date on ur blogs... no internet!!! (Well, very little.)

Oh, and one last thing:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Want...

Betrayal at House On The Hill (if you can find that game, you're my personal savior and I will love you eternally) ((I'm serious)) (((No, Really))) ((((Pleeeeeeeaaaasssssseeeeeee? Pretty please with a vampire on top?))))

A non-confusing, totally awesome relationship where I don't feel like I'm the OGP at every party. (may not be scientifically possible, see chart) ((Edit: preferable around VDay... see last year's VDay rant)) ((( Left click on the chart above to see the full sized imagine, or a clicky here)))

To figure out what my goddamn gender preference is! (Also, may not be possible.)

A DECENT vampire novel (gotta love Anne Rice.. I only have Interview and Lestat) ((Or gen. dead))
there. My wish list. Happy, Eli?
On a completely and utterly useless note...
I got a hug for my birthday!!!! Badass!!! How do I write Benji a thank you note for a hug, though....
Oh, did I mention I'm on a low slope in my mood? Nothing you can do about it. Not triggered by anything. Low point in mood. so if I look REALLY bad one day (hygeine gets ignored when I'm depressed) write somewhere on my body that I have to bathe, put on my makeup, and wear Clearasil at night. And brush my teeth and hair. At least. My whole fancy routine is for when my mood is not dead. Also, if I'm missing, say, a shirt, please let me know. (I have done this before. Low points in mood and forgetfulness make strange bedfellows.)
So.. my possible super-pissiness and random bouts of crying/screaming/punching crap should be ignored and not taken personally. Please.
Al I want for Christmas is *mumble mumble mumble* *mumble mumble mumble*!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Party: Saturday, 3:30 pm, mah house

Sorry, Andy, mom won't let u come.