Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Fuck It' Mode

I am, officially, in Fuck It mode. God, I havent been in FI mode since the 5th grade. Basically I dont give a shit what I do anymore, what I say, or the hell I say it to. It's truly the "rabid flailing beast" in all of us. Or possibly just the absolutely plastered bitch in all of us.
Yep, I'm not providing deep thoughts or a rant or something in even vaugley funny in this post. I'm bitching and moaning and acting like pretty much every emo kid out there. I'm trying very, very hard not to smash something large and preferably alive, because the nearest avadabile thing is the 12-wk-old kitten I got yesterday. Even in FI mode, I'm not THAT cruel.
Okay, I am. Just not kittens. I bet I could take, like, 50 five yr olds in a fight right now. Fueled by Nutella. Fifty flailing five year olds fueled on Nutella.
Now I'm just scared, because I can totally imagine the little bastards kicking and screaming with chocolate covering their face, like some weird crack-Nutella addict.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. 'm talking to myself. Why? I don't know Tizri, ask yourself. Okay, why ARE you talking to yuorself? CAN IT GWEN! Better. Thank god for iPod controls!!!!!!!
I'm talking to myself because it gives me something to do other than focus on how incredibly self-pitying and emo I'm feeling. I sound like a whiny brat.
Oh, SHIT. 'Loose Lips" just came on.
I hope they come for me soon, the food's good in "survalence".
Tizri! Snap out of it! You're ranting like a mad crazy deranged person on a PUBLIC BLOG.

should I publish this? Yes, I should, because I need to remind myself exactly how insane I was.