Thursday, July 31, 2008

About my massive email

OOPSSS!!!! I found a rly fun (but stupid) game on, ment to link it...and forgot..... comment if you still want the link!!!!!!

Ooopppppsssssss........ sorry, sorry, sorrysorrysprrysppr0otiufgdjkf!!!


So today we put Caleb (YES, the one from MANHATTAN) in makeup...!!!! Bright pink lipstick, blue mascara, purple eyeshadow, and blush. We paid him 8$, plus 2$ for tomoorow's hot pink tennis shirt.

The following quote happened while NONE of the class was focusing, trying to play an improv game with a whiffleball.

Tizri: Densest..whiffleball....ever.

Nathan: Densest...class...ever.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My boredum


Well anyways, seeing as though I haven't puked YET, I decided to rip off cracked's Children's Characters Who Need To Come Out of The Closet.

And dammit I'm bored.

And so, I present: Tizri's list of characters YOU said were (are?) gay. And wether or not you're totally batshit insane.

Scorpio (Farscape): Okay, let's take a looksee here. 1) Wears leather. Enough said. 2) Even BEFORE John had those wormhole memories implanted in him, who did Scorpio chase? Aeryn? Chiana? No. John. And *hem hem* he COULD have killed him at many, MANY intervals, but somehow continues to Epically Fail. 3) Uhm, makeup much?

Consensus: YES, because even though he screwed several evil chicks during the course of the series, he was always talking about John before, during, and after.

Chiana (Farscape): What the hell? It's practically a requirement of her androgyneous (sp?) species to be bi. Why did you even have to ask? She'll sleep with anything that moves, and some things that don't.

Consensus: Bi. No duh.

Danny Tanner & Joey Gladstone (Full House): Okay...evidence times!!!! 1) Neither rly dated chicks....ever..... 2) Even though Danny's WIFE FREAKING DIED, he refused to be sad, besides melodramatic tears. 3) Both are waaaaaaaaaaaay too excited to be made up by Danny's daughters. 4) Guy BFFs& a serious, commited BFF relationship (the kind that's usually reserved for kindergarten, ie "NO HES MINE!!! NO, MINE!!!!" 5) All too eager to move in there, Joey. 6) Neither one even LOOKS at Jesse's thousands of hot girlfriends. 6) oh, my god, how much fucking time do you need to spend on your hair there, Danny?!

Consensus: Totally in love w/ each other. Or really bad acting. You decide.

Chuckie (Rugrats): You scream and point to the fact that in All Grown Up he's nervous, timid and reluctant around girls. Aren't, uhm, lets think here, ALL SIXTH GRADERS?!?!?!?!?!?!

Consensus: The oldest we ever see him is 6th-7th grade. My minimum judgement age is 14, especially for fictional characters.

Angel (Maximum Ride series): Okay, Yahoo Awnsers, really?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! She's. Six. Years. Old.

Consensus: SIX. YEARS. OLD.

Lestat (Interview with the Vampire): True, he does lick/kiss/stroke his male victims, but he does that with any human he feeds on. It's like a whole taunting process for him. And yes, TWICE he choses males to become his companions in eternaty, but wouldn't you want a friend? Oh, fine. It IS a little fishy.

Consensus: Bisexual, or just seriously messed up.

(insert anime character here): Don't read it, don't watch it. It inspires rage in me.

Fang (Maximum Ride series): People assume because they assume he's emo he's also gay. That kind of backward logic makes no sense to me, plus, uhm, didn't he like grab and snog max in chap. 18 of book 3? And in the Lakehouse they have sex (or so I've been told)

Consensus: Assuming makes an ass out of u and me. I want proof in movie/book form. And no, Figgy fanfic does NOT COUNT, Flocker12.

And as for the dozens of other's the chats/forums/awnsers/muchobene told me: I only included the obviously bad ones in here cuz I thought it was hilarious to even think about. Some of them aren't even worth wikipedia's time. (Read: Edward Cullen. WTF?) :) Cheers all!!!

BREAKING DAWN COMES OUT IN JUST A FEW DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHGHJGFDSHJKLREAGKI743Wjkeufi54t548iu6jk43tjkldsjkfgbhjretg;QjkafgjkLKDKAjQk opk;aHJKGHRSFJK;L/SAgdklgfjvgtreuifoi3eprdf gtjuy4i5h0peasfdojklwqn3r48y3oiknerui3243940kl;./;a/;a'auie4ufbdcmslrmvm cjmowp;w.wudueujejmdudsoir;hewfkWI4!!!!!!!!!!1


pan,t pan,t.... la dee dah dum....

And now for something completely diffrent:
I'm a kiss-up Lord in Cymbeline 4 Shakespeare camp! Go characters that are shallow and don't have names!!!
4 those of u reading this who i dont know in "real life", how did u find out about mah blog?!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Qoutes, Part Deux

*NOTE: do to the fact my computer hates me, I can't respond to email or post. Trust me, I HAVE read anything you send.*

"Flying is easy! All you have to do is throw yourself at the ground, and miss."


"Hey, Shakespeare, are you gay?"

"Ex-girlfriend's dad's boyfriend knows him."
"Wait, WHAT!?"
*sigh, bored by now* "Ex-girlfriend's dad's boyfriend knows him..."
"That's disgusting!"

"TO THE BAT-TANK!!!!!!!"

"I'd be like a human trying to get a chicken pregnant."
"Well....there was that one guy...with the goat..."

"Ah, the wonders of venom."

"I will rub my gay germs on you!!!"

"YOU CAN DANCE." *bug eyes!*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New blogness!

I started a new blog:!!!!!!

Sorry, though. :( No one but me is allowed to see it, but if I ever slaken in posting on fourletter, you'll know why. Basically, this blog is where all my private, emo-esque thoughts go, so I don't have to dump all my problems here. That was the original idea of this blog- to dump all my issues and depressing thoughts, but b4 you know it, everyone's reading it and it's huge and crazy. So I'm going to keep this blog, but for more public, happy things and the occasional rant. :)

Don't worry- I'll keep posting!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

No Title

Someone, please, restrain me. Call me!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! (mom phone)


Mom bought herself a brand-new Mac and an iPod TOUCH.

The good news is, as a peace offering, I get her old laptop!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Epic Failure of the day!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so Elena was trying to ask me what I wanted to eat. The conversation goes as follows:

Elena: If you could have anything in the world RIGHT NOW, it's going into your mouth, what would it be?


Me: Oh! It has to be food related!

Elena & Josh: *Looks of horror*

And now the explanation so you don't think I'm perverted! Here's that conversation again, but from my eyes:

Elena: If you could have anything in the world RIGHT NOW-

Me: *Wings!!! Oh, wings!!!!!!!*

Elena: What would it be?

Me: *Oh, wait* Oh! It has to be food related!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best. Meal. Ever.

The scene: 30 minets late for dinner after swimming and chips
The cast: Tizri, Paul, Uncles Pete, Manuel, Fransisco Aunts Louisa, Teresa, Patricia (Pregnant) Cousins Ellie, Olivia, Rafaiel, Abel, Carlos (unborn), Abuelo (Grandfather).
The Location: The lake house.

Minet 0: food arrives! People rejoice, chips are hurriedly stashed away, books are whipped off the table into the living room.

Minet 5: We grow suspicious, as there is much more food than we had anticipated. Five bags with 4 meals apice, two bags of beans and rice and salsa and gaucamole cups (yes, cups), seven bags of chips. And 14 burritos in tin foil.

Minet 10: The children scramble and the adults throw open the containers, reveling 4 orders of chicken quessadillas, sevral HUGE burriots, some more quesadillas, and, inexbilcably, a chimichanga.

Minet 15: People panick. NOTHING IS WHAT WE ORDERED!!! (okay, well some of it is but not much)

Minet 20: Aw, screw it, I'm hungry. Food is eaten liberally all over the house.

Minet 40: Meal finished. Beer served. Dogs happy.

Minet 50: We go back for more. :)


Andy has finally sucummed. Though this illness has ravished her body for months, slowly tearing her away from everything and everyone, sending her through chasms of pain and times of great difficulty, she is in a better place now. A place to be free and happy and to live her life as it was ment to be, without Tizri's ignorant judging of people based soley on their interests, free from the bonds that surround the inmeasurably lucky, free. *start solem music here*

I have turned into Jacob, only my Bella has been seduced by a culture I cannot abide by, instead of a person. Personal, irrational grudges blind me from seeing what the back of my minds knows I should see: good people, good person, but I can't hear them, see them, feel their presence. Their smell grows too strong, too hot, not unlike something burning quietly on the stove, forgotten. It heats my nose and makes me take shallow breathes. Andy has fallen into a cult I cannot allow to survive- but I love her nontheless.

Fuck. It. All.

I....I don't know how to continue.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Posting, Posting, Will Someone PLEASE Give me something 2 do!!!!


Very very very bored. and very very very nosebleed. (Summer Glau on terminator+geeky relatives!!!) Also, been watching South Park....Gays and jews all bashed in one episode! WOW!!

OHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The WOW reg. mount lvl went down to 30! And Training is now only 35g!

As you can tell I am bored and have run out of material. Note the links to much more interesting sites on your right.

*facepalm to epic degree*

OMG. Something's filimng down the effing street. Is is TWILIGHT!??!?!?!?!?! OR MR?!?!?!

Gotta go find out b4 I EXPLDOE

Monday, July 14, 2008

X( *banghead*

My vampire name is apparently Selene Cross.
Don't ask me, I was bored.


The Breaking Dawn qoute of the day is up and running!!!! *fangirl squeeeee!*

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm in Michigan and on a shared computer, so I'm very sorry if your emails or anything dont get awnsered too often. :P


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tizri the Tiger, Part 2

I got my nails painted offensive bright orange w/ TIGER STRIPES!!!!!! :) :)
If some1 wants to chill we. me, I'm avadabile 2morrow, friday, and saturday (I can talk my mom out of a bar mitzvah, she REALLY wants me to see friends.) Call me! 720.934.4326 My cell phone dosent work anymore :(
Mouse, mom dosent want me around u till Camp S, so I'm rly sorry!! :'( :'( :'((!!!!!!!!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dying, dying... dead.

DEAR GOD SOMEONE KILL ME. I'm sick and TIRED of being on the godamned road!!!!!!!!! I almost died, gained 15 lbs, look fat AND pimply AND I have a blind date coming up soon ( A chick named Kaylee who Bepe says is some1 I would def. like... I dunno, I like everyone till they prove to be an ass to me, so that's a wiiiiiiiiide definition. And no, I mean like. Not like like.) so I need to look good....*sigh*.
YAAARGH I'm bored.

Ohhh guess what! Patterson relized his fans hate him! Maximum Ride is now 2 series instead of one! The first (1-3) is called The Fugitives. The second (4-onward) is called The Protecters.

Now its easy and fun to hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See how insane I;ve gotten?

Oh by the way my cousin in amazing to us and nice and polite, but worse than my fucking dad to his girlfriend. That. Fucking. Sucks.

Now somebody give me something to do (in a car) b4 I DIE!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Feel Geeky!!

I understand this article. I get it now!!! :) I love wiki.

Do you understand it, or am I just a med freak?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Yellow Brick TOAD

I tried to buy a yellow brick, I really did. because if I bought a yellow brick from Pride Kansas and gave it to Andy she would be so happy and she'd kiss me and I'd be happy.

Of course, this did not happen. The lady ran out of yellow bricks, after I spent over an hour trying to find the damn store, so naturally I broke down crying, and I've already gained 5 lbs off this trip so my mom took me to the TREX cafe and bought me a fossil shirt and let me get good food at the resturant portion of it and I nearly forgot all about the fucking yellow brick until someone mentioned Nebraska. I have no idea how those two relate. but They Do. dammit.

*sigh* I played some awesome board games!!!! One is where you are in a haunted house, and I turned out to be the traitor!!! (A nine yr old blondie with a teddy bear and low sanity...see why I picked her!??!) I got to control a shitload of ghosts and a madman and I killed everyone!

Dead. Dying. Gah...

there is no coment maximum..............okay, there is. It's 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Stick to it now, kids.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No, I Will NOT. No. NO. Auuuuughhhh!

Going. Fucking. Crazy. In. Fucking. Kansas.
Its rly hot and humid and I'm tired and shit......

Not only that, but remeber Ashley from improv camp? Yea, just midly IMGOINGTOGOINSANE crushing on her. Y'a know, just a little. *Drool...*

Blond, delicate features, tall (IDK why but I like that) wheres contacts, all sorts of stuff. Drool. Droool.

And she's crushing on Vince from the acting camp. Gave him her number and shit. I gave her mine, and she gave me hers. I tried, really tried, to be polite and nice and not freakish, but
A) I'm Tizri.
B) She dazzles me...NOT FAIR DAMMIT!!!
C) Did I mention I'm TIZRI!??!?!?!?!?

I hope she's okay with that and shit.... she seemed like it....
I'll be her friend. I will, I will. Andy knows the process well.. :p

Just hoping I don't...y'know.....tell her....or anything....

Cuz that, my darlings, my dears, would SUCK ASS.

Any advice from Bueller? Bueller?

SCREW WHOVILLE!!! (We were playing a game where 5 ppl had to act out the pet peeves of some famous person, in unison, and Ashley got The Cat in The Hat, so after complaining about her hat for a while, she screamed SCREW WHOVILLE just as the game ended, and the whole room was silent!!! I nearly died!!!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Anyone who takes offense at this article, I apologize in adavance.


Fuck. The. World. The three comandements for the emos. Seriously, you live life ONCE. Fucking ONCE. Even if they find things to stop aging and shit, sooner or later you'll get cancer or get hit by a train or smoke your lungs out or fry on drugs or drown or something! You will DIE! So why don't you enjoy life, for what precious little life we are given? Sure, shit happens, but please, not ALL THE TIME. Most just dont take the time to notice when something GOOD is happening, because they're too busy talking about how much life sucks! *cutcutcut*

DAMN IT ALL TO FUCKING....never mind. Wouldn;t wanna ruin someone else's "creativity". Even the writing syle conforms. No more original characters/plots/anything. Its a little tiny tiny tiny box you put yourself in, to try to escape the bigger box we all live in.

They'res a girl in my class named Ashley and she looks soooooo much like Andy I thought it WAS her till I saw the blond hair and the dress. (fossil, BTW) She even has the same manerisms, the exact same way of saying things, the same way of folding into herslef, of looking up through her lashes when she notices I was staring at her, mouth hanging open, rather useless. And she's adopted. So she dosen't know her birth family.

But back to the point....did I have a point? Oh yes. It's like a 6th grade Andy..only my age.

Going on a road trip 2morrow. Wont be back till Monday, late.

Don;t expect much of anything.