Monday, June 2, 2008


I am officially numb. You could drive a fucking sword through my arm and I wouldnt notice. So I decided to take adavantage of this oppurtunity to be as insane as I can be. Hours of disposable time+A shocked, numb and so crushed Tizri that "sad" dosent even SCRATCH the surface=WHEEEEEE
NOTE: I do actually LIKE all these artists. It's whats on my iPod. I just thought I'd poke fun.

AFI: We're not really. Ignore the eyeliner. And the tight black leather clothes.
Antsy Pants: We're 12!!! We're in Juno!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!
Apocalyptica: We make Metallica bareable. By using cellos. Yes, cellos. Side effects may include a sudden tate for classical music.
Danger: We have one hit. And it's in french. Dammit.
Darude: We have one hit.
Gwen Stefani: Yes, I had a band. Yes, my voice is still scary as hell. Yes, I continue making music.
I Hate Kate: Judging by the fact almost all their songs are about breaking up and bad girlfriends, beside being my food and drink right now, I can't help but think one of them formerly dating the aformentioned Kate. And he hates her. And likes using first person.
Kimya Dawson: I'm not a major star, I'm Indie and wear really Boulder-esqe clothes AND have hair that is AL MOST as scary as the guy from Tokoyo Hotel. And my lyrics, though cute, make no sense.
Lemon Demon: Yes, we did Potter Puppet Pals. Imagine musical form.
Nightwish: My incredibly hot voice and incredibly hot bod make up for the fact that everyone else in this band is possibly possesed/high/undead. Or mabye all three.
Nirvana: If you can understand what we're saying, you're just as stoned as we are. Were.
No Doubt: Pop band that specelizes in whiny, breakup-style songs. And songs about how much we think Gwen is hot.
Operator Please: Teen band Down Under. If you thought music couldn;t get any stranger, you were wrong. Be very afraid.
Paramore: I somehow managed to form a pop band and retain a punk identity! And, inevitibly, we'll move from punk pop to just pop, becoming as "punk" as Avril Lavine and destroying millions of pre teen hearts everywhere. Enjoy the awesome while it lasts.
Placebo: I am hot. My voice sounds like a sheep. It is also hot. We are what emo kids salavate over- and the eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish dosen't mean I'm not male. Did I mention our new drummer sucks?
Savage Garden: Middle aged women everywhere, rejoice! Your prayers have been awnsered! A band "cool" enough to be OK with the kids, but adult enough to be bearable!
Andrew Pants: Lemon Demon for people with ADD. Or AD/HD. Or both. Or all three.
Suzanne Vega: Slow, message-heavy songs. Some make you want to cry and kiss the very ground she walks on. Some make you want to strangle the woman.
T.A.T.U: We can break the fucking sound barrier with our voices! Watch us hit higher notes than humans can hear! You dog will go INSANE!
Three Days Grace: REBEL!!! REBEL, DAMN YOU!!!!!
"Weird Al": Someone escaped the for it!

This was not meant to be funny. This was meant to distract me. It did. For 20 minets. If it's not good, who cares?
Deal with it.

I may or may not go on a rant sooner or later...but now I gotta go update my OkCupid! Realtionship Status.

Let me leave you with words the will forever be a symbol of pain for me:


And Andy? Deal wit it. I be mad. I can has slack? I need vent. Bad.
Other option: I can has punch. I can has break concrete walls.

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