Friday, June 13, 2008

Ink And Parchment

I have decided to call my site If I can. Comment ideas on what the freaking hell the premise for this epic fantasy writing game thing. Post apocolypitic sounds cool, but its very, VERY cliched, so I doubt that I should do that. and I want it to be on Earth, cuz I dont feel like inventing a whole freaking new start. ;)
LOL, i want 2 get this on-line ASAP, idealy when I start my job in the fall. Yes, I am working. yes, I will be making cash. Yes, most of it will go into hosting. No, nobody forced me to do this.
Comment like the wind! give me ideas! Otherwise the site WILL be shitty!!! Seven hands are better than three!
Hundreds of members are better than ten.....tell everyone u freaking know once its actually up and running.


Eliana said...

Cool! This is gonna be awesome! May I suggest that you do a sort of "mythological times w/ a twist" type thing? Normal world plus gods and monsters!!!! YAY!!!

Ms. Smiley Face said...

Sorry I dont have any good freaking ideas, but freaking email me the freaking site when it's freaking done freaking please!!! Elli's freaking idea sounds pretty freaking cool, but maybe you can freaking base some of the freaking things off of your favorite freaking movies, freaking books, or freaking games or freaking imagination. I don't freaking know.

p.s. If you haven't noticed by now, freaking is my new favorite word... no duh! :D TEE HEE