Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Swinging is soooooo much fun!!

I sat at the top of a hill, in a snowstorm, swinging for two and half hours on monday. Belive me, I had brought along and jacket and a sweater and a shirt, but I tore all these off once I was in the air, because ohmigod, there is nothing like the freedom of swinging in a snowstorm. Swinging without your legs is also way fun- just shift your abs to propel yourself forward. (Don't worry- I still had on a tank top, I wasnt nude). My mom FLIPPED when she saw me, she made me take a shower the second I walked in the door. Once I reached the mirror I saw why. I was sooo red, almost purple, all over. A note for those of you who freeze like this in the future- DONT TAKE A SHOWER. ANY kind of water, hot or cold, will sting like hell. I ended up plugging all the air vents and the door, then turning the shower to full heat blast and letting the room get steamier than a suana. That felt sooooo good, I stayed in the misty bathroom for almost an hour.

I started a new book 2day. No telling what it's about yet, you'll se ;)

I swing on an average for 2-3 hours every day now. Does that count as a workout or should I still go 2 the gym?

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