Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Intial Thoughts on The Final Warning

SPOILER WARNING!!!!!! Procede at own risk!!!

Okay, okay, like any good fan, I woke up at three forty-five this morning and read the forth Maximum Ride book straight through.
It. Sucked. Ass.
It didn't KICK ass, like most MR books do.
It just sucked.
When Patterson started out on this series, I was hooked almost instantly. I luuurv sci-fi, and this story was complex, scientifically possible, and very humorous. I ate all of the first three books in three days. The first two were an awesome, smashing, wild ride through Max, Iggy, Nudge, Fang, Total, The Gasman, and Angel's lives. They were wise, they were strong, they were kids. (sardastic, synical, all sorts of fun stuff).
The thrid book hinted in a major way that we shouldn't let big, evil corporations rule us, that pullution and global warming is bad, stuff like that. But the story was still a STORY. It was still FUN. And don't get me wrong, I am totally aginst all that warming and destruction and stuff, and I'm doing everything I can to help, belive me.
This fourth book is a lecture. In the whole thing, only two punches and one kick are thrown (Two of those three were aimed at a lepoard seal,) and there wasn't ONE. STINKING. BATTLE. It was one loooong, interminably dull lecture on the affects of global warming and pullution and shit like that. The characters go OOC (out of character) so often I almost forgot what their actual personalities are like. Fang is emotional (very), Iggy and Gazzy don't do anything mischiveous, Angel isn't creepy (she's acting more like a six year old than ever,) Max isn't wise-cracking and tough (she's actually matureing) and Jeb is suddenly for no reason no longer evil. Max even makes a four-page speech on the evils of pullution.
I'm sorry, but I read this series to be entertained. To hear a story. I have full respect for what Patterson is trying to do, use his fame and his chracter's reputation to rally forth us children to save the diminishing world, but as he proved in the third book, he can do that and still write a novel, not a paper.
It's just...out of hand. I want a story. I want an action novel that actually has some action in it. I want to see a Flyboy get the crap beaten out of him. I don't want this lesson on evil corporations and noxious gasses.
I respect what he's trying to do. He's just trying too hard.

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