Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No, I Will NOT. No. NO. Auuuuughhhh!

Going. Fucking. Crazy. In. Fucking. Kansas.
Its rly hot and humid and I'm tired and shit......

Not only that, but remeber Ashley from improv camp? Yea, just midly IMGOINGTOGOINSANE crushing on her. Y'a know, just a little. *Drool...*

Blond, delicate features, tall (IDK why but I like that) wheres contacts, all sorts of stuff. Drool. Droool.

And she's crushing on Vince from the acting camp. Gave him her number and shit. I gave her mine, and she gave me hers. I tried, really tried, to be polite and nice and not freakish, but
A) I'm Tizri.
B) She dazzles me...NOT FAIR DAMMIT!!!
C) Did I mention I'm TIZRI!??!?!?!?!?

I hope she's okay with that and shit.... she seemed like it....
I'll be her friend. I will, I will. Andy knows the process well.. :p

Just hoping I don't...y'know.....tell her....or anything....

Cuz that, my darlings, my dears, would SUCK ASS.

Any advice from Bueller? Bueller?

SCREW WHOVILLE!!! (We were playing a game where 5 ppl had to act out the pet peeves of some famous person, in unison, and Ashley got The Cat in The Hat, so after complaining about her hat for a while, she screamed SCREW WHOVILLE just as the game ended, and the whole room was silent!!! I nearly died!!!)


Ms. Smiley Face said...

kansas? ooo... ouch. sorry, but me don't like no kansas... no offense to Toto... ha ha... OFFENSE TO DORATHY however you spell her name... Hope your having fun going insane! who the hell is Bueller?

Cracked Mirror said...

Woooooow...... number A and number C pretty much sum it all up. :D

And wait wait wait. Totally didn't see that thing at the top of the comment box. Meaning, I'm WAY over the comment maximum.....seeing as it's four words. Uuuummmmm..... I'll end my post with four words!!

Monkey monkey underpants! Yay!

Ladybug Girl said...

Erm......... yikes. Just be her friend. :)

deadMouse said...

uhmmmm yeah..