Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best. Meal. Ever.

The scene: 30 minets late for dinner after swimming and chips
The cast: Tizri, Paul, Uncles Pete, Manuel, Fransisco Aunts Louisa, Teresa, Patricia (Pregnant) Cousins Ellie, Olivia, Rafaiel, Abel, Carlos (unborn), Abuelo (Grandfather).
The Location: The lake house.

Minet 0: food arrives! People rejoice, chips are hurriedly stashed away, books are whipped off the table into the living room.

Minet 5: We grow suspicious, as there is much more food than we had anticipated. Five bags with 4 meals apice, two bags of beans and rice and salsa and gaucamole cups (yes, cups), seven bags of chips. And 14 burritos in tin foil.

Minet 10: The children scramble and the adults throw open the containers, reveling 4 orders of chicken quessadillas, sevral HUGE burriots, some more quesadillas, and, inexbilcably, a chimichanga.

Minet 15: People panick. NOTHING IS WHAT WE ORDERED!!! (okay, well some of it is but not much)

Minet 20: Aw, screw it, I'm hungry. Food is eaten liberally all over the house.

Minet 40: Meal finished. Beer served. Dogs happy.

Minet 50: We go back for more. :)


Ladybug Girl said...

Wow. Its the classic "so-happy-they-gave-us-the-wrong-meal" scene!!! Nice story telling! ;)

Agent Riot said...

Thank thee!! Normal dinner for my family...:) followed by light chat and gay bashing.

Ladybug Girl said...
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Agent Riot said...

Deleted by author?!
I never deleted any commetn.....would u plz repost?

Ladybug Girl said...

I accidentally posted it on the wrong blog... So sorry. :)