Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New blogness!

I started a new blog: alwaysoneforguilt.blogspot.com!!!!!!

Sorry, though. :( No one but me is allowed to see it, but if I ever slaken in posting on fourletter, you'll know why. Basically, this blog is where all my private, emo-esque thoughts go, so I don't have to dump all my problems here. That was the original idea of this blog- to dump all my issues and depressing thoughts, but b4 you know it, everyone's reading it and it's huge and crazy. So I'm going to keep this blog, but for more public, happy things and the occasional rant. :)

Don't worry- I'll keep posting!!!!


Alannah said...

There's a link under the hit counter on my site, the the website that let's you creat one. That's the website: http://www.freeweblogger.com/

I'm a little embarrassed tp say this but, I haven't really heard anything by Placebo yet. I'd like to though.

Alannah said...

Grrr...There's typos in my comment. Sorry! I put two 'the's and forgot an e after create. They really should have a spellchecker for comments, or at least an edit option.

Ladybug Girl said...

I think you should let @ least a few people see it. Its always good to get outside opinions, ya know?