Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dying, dying... dead.

DEAR GOD SOMEONE KILL ME. I'm sick and TIRED of being on the godamned road!!!!!!!!! I almost died, gained 15 lbs, look fat AND pimply AND I have a blind date coming up soon ( A chick named Kaylee who Bepe says is some1 I would def. like... I dunno, I like everyone till they prove to be an ass to me, so that's a wiiiiiiiiide definition. And no, I mean like. Not like like.) so I need to look good....*sigh*.
YAAARGH I'm bored.

Ohhh guess what! Patterson relized his fans hate him! Maximum Ride is now 2 series instead of one! The first (1-3) is called The Fugitives. The second (4-onward) is called The Protecters.

Now its easy and fun to hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See how insane I;ve gotten?

Oh by the way my cousin in amazing to us and nice and polite, but worse than my fucking dad to his girlfriend. That. Fucking. Sucks.

Now somebody give me something to do (in a car) b4 I DIE!!!!


Ladybug Girl said...

1. How did you almost die?
2. Just be yourself.
3. Wow. Your cousin is screwed uuuup!!!!
4. JP is? Finally!!!!!!!

deadMouse said...

omg i feel your pain... i drove to Vail a couple days ago.. anyway wow. i'm curious about this nearly dying thing. wtf happened??

Agent Riot said...

LOL my appendix almost exploded

Ladybug Girl said...

EEK!!! Appendicitis? (I spelled it right first go!!!!) Do you now have no appendix?

Agent Riot said...

Nope. Just let it go away on its lonesome!

Ms. Smiley Face said...

ummmm..... OKAY THEN! :D

Ladybug Girl said...