Friday, February 29, 2008

Size Ten

Well, I certainly am losing fast. Is that healthy? Mabye it's cause of my new anti-dperessants...
Anywho, whatever it is, I'm certainly not complaining. A week after I bought my 14's and already I can pull them out 5 inches at the waist. My GUESS is a size 10, but I'm buying new jeans 2morrow, I'll let you know.

ANDY LIKES ME!!!!!! I am still giddy even though I've had nearly 21 hrs to sit with it. But the best way to ruin a friendship is to date said friend. *sigh* I've wanted to date her practically since the beginning of 6th grade, and here's my chance, served up to me on a golden platter. She's free, likes me, and is a vision of perfection. I smell a rat. It's probably my paranoia talking, or mabye because SO MANY people have said "I like you!" only to tell me 24hrs or 2 wks l8r that no, they never really liked me, they just said that/went out with me because of pity. But good God (Sry god) I hope Andrea truly likes me. If she really does, I am ofically the happiest person ever.

When I started this blog, my two main goals were to
1) lose weight
2) Date andy or Benji.

Both are happening in such a short period of time... I don't want either to stop or (EEEK) reverse themsleves, but it just all seems a tad too perfect, you know? If you're reading this, please let me know that my two biggest desires coming true in life is actually a possibility.

Furthermore, people always say to me either
A) You have to be thin and gorgeous and don't pay attention to group B the creepy hippies!
B) Love what you are and don't pay attention to group A, the anti-women freaks!


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