Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Post In A While

I was on vaca, and my mom broke her foot, so I havent been online all that much lately.

Anywho, onto what I wanted to say.
I had a girlfriend!!!-for like all of 24 hrs. It really sucked, because I'd been crushing on her for like a yr and then we get together, and suddenly, she says "I'm not ready for a girlfriend". I mean, I respect that and all, but couldnt she have told me that AT the mall instead of being all girlfriend-y and shit?!?!? God, I'm sorry if you're reading this, Bepe, I'm just a little pissed off at the moment. I still like you and all, and I'm still your friend, no worries!

Oh, and I saw a sence at the airport today that exactly mimicks how I feel.

So, these two very skinny, very attracticve people walk by, handing in their girlfriend/boyfriend's butt pocket, eating frozen yogurt from TCBY. A very overweight girl in an attractive shirt is trailing behind them, definitely a part of their group, but not IN it. They all sit down, ad while the two lovers are absorbed in eachother, the third girl is trying to hold a conversation, to no avail. She gives up and starts messing with the games on her cell phone.

I have the weirdest feeling that I will be that third girl. Taging along, getting in the way, a forced cheerfulness about me, while all my friends go on to be happy. God.

About Justin Timberlake- his house is FUCKING HUGE. And he likes my cloak. 'Nuf said. Mabye I'll say more later, but right now I need to wallow.

And for those of you who say I shouldn't wallow, think of it this way: You've been want ice cream SO BAD for a long time, then you get a cone (YAY) but after one lick you drop the whole thing. You'd be pissed and wallow too, right? Now leave me alone.

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