Monday, February 23, 2009

Well shit

Ah, my last refuge of talent has been stripped of me. I am now, talentless, lost in a fog of pills. I shall watch as the soul drips out of me unto the floor, where some child will happen upon it and perhaps use it better than I could have imagined. I reached into that dark corner of my mind, the one full of worlds and characters, screaming to be let free. Nothing. It is empty, blank, filled with cotton.
I am done. The hopes and dreams I shared are done. I will never write, or draw, or imagine again. I have been robbed of my imagination, replaced instead by a haze of happy.

Sweet ignorance, let me forget!


Ladybug Girl said...

You sound like Shakespeare, but check MY blog out... scary, no?

Ladybug Girl said...

Or not..... Stupid Blogspot!!!!!!!!

Cracked Mirror said...

I disapprove. :(
There is no such thing as nonexistent creativity.
Something must be blocked, something. A chakra, a body, a nadi, something.
You are not done. As long as I still know you, you will not be done. I try to help as much as I can, but nothing seems to help. Please, just tell me what I can do!
Please please please, just don't give up on this okay? :)

Agent Riot said...

Okay. I dont know how you can help, though.
Encouragement and inspiration are all I can think of that have a sbstantial effect.