Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day, Year Two of Four Letter

Kiss my lips as they melt off my face and into the drain i love you i love you why is it that I am cursed to love you you are not the lover I imagined yet you are so perfect and soft and god its like living down and sideways by the way did you notice there is a shortage of what I’m not sure. Can you feel the life leaking again? Get that looked at, I mean now. As I drip and droop onto the realm of sleep and dreams I taste lucky charms and happiness and tomorrow I will try and try and try to drown whatever I have left to drown as for a fact I cannot live without it. Whittle the wigs for you have no idea anymore, I have no idea anymore, and the love in my soul is flying and sparkling but not like Edward like real sparkles that mean happiness and frosting. As I said, kiss kiss kiss all I think about yet all I wish not to think about for the fact that I am not supposed to I am supposed to be good and nice and not nothing other than three years old and cute and fat and cuddly. I want nothing more than to kiss. I want to not want. Let us rest now for I have fallen asleep twice now and my stomach grumbles and I am done.


Hello, I'm Bored. said...

Of course there's something about Edward in there. OF COURSE.

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Agent Riot said...

Leah, leah, leah.

U are the death of me.

Hello, I'm Bored. said...
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Hello, I'm Bored. said...