Sunday, February 22, 2009

I have reached a conclusion

the lowest of low points in my life, I had no depression pills, and it was threeish in the morning.

I'm too hot-
molten lava drips across my skin.
I'm too cold-
my heart feels ready to stop beating.
I'm too awake-
my stomach lurches, my limbs twitch.
I'm too asleep-
I haven't moved for hours.
I'm too quiet-
I don't say what matters most.
I'm too loud-
I say what you don't want to hear.
I think its too late for me,
that girl
the one who's glassy eyed and wanders
but who always sees too much.

its old. Old enough that I didnt know ow to use a semicolon. Yet this untitled poem remains some of my best work, ever.
depression sparks creativity.

1 comment:

Cracked Mirror said...

Yes, yes it does. Very dark creativity.

Don't let that be your only creativity. ;)