Sunday, November 2, 2008


Okay, so at the tail end of last year (the school year, that is) my mom bought REALLY tight pants so I could see how much weight I'd lost. Anyways, I threw 'em on today figuring they'd no longer even vaugely fit (I've gone from 168 to 150 to 183 lbs. This is what dieting does!!! DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!) and well, surprise surprise: they were really loose! Look at how much I can pull them off me one handed! See how loose they look even when I've pulled them away!?!??! and my flat(er) tummy is ah-mah-zing!!!

How did this happen!??!? I didn;t get any taller I GAINED weight: I've been packing on the RediWhip and cookies! How? How?!?!? YAY!!!!!

WWOOOOOOOotttttTTTTT!!!! This is fucking awesome! Valentine's day here I come!!!


Mousey said...

omg!! congrats!!! your stomach looks better then mine does right now (no seriously) way to go!!!

Kaylah said...

thank you mouse!!!! :) :) :)