Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LiveBlog of the campaing

7:08 COLORADO POLLS CLOSE!!!! not a whole bunch in yet. Colorado and Florida are what we're watching. Words are thrown around. It's all very chaotic and confusing.

7:12 I'm flocking hungry.... X( Lady with a HORRIBLE fake tan fills airspace. We got a slight chink in the stream coverage, so we turn to the other computer, then right back to the original laptop. Choreographed to the nth degree, LOL. Looks like a Monty Python sketch.

7:15 Some ppl scream "2004!!!!" some say "2000!!!!!!!". I say... Cthulhu/Glados 2012! You will be served cake and madness!

7:20 WHERE THE HELL IS MY PIZZA I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

7:21 PIZZA!!!!!!!!

7:22 Go Ohio! One of the deciding states in 04 is going blue.... whoa. I am shocked. Ohio. IS. GOING. BLUE. That is BIG. Lots more caps lock 2nite, I promise, loyal fans! :)

7:46 Augh!!! Cali closes at 9. Not much... rawr.... so hard to wait....

8:10 Admendment 48, the one that would ban abortion and birth control, because, you know, it'd kill clumps of cells, like you do every day. Well, anyways.... IT LOST!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

8:31 this is getting stupyfyingly boring.

9:00 fuck this. I'm tired.

9:04 OBAMA WON!!!! THE RACE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


wwwoooooooooo!!! LET THE SCREAMING BEGIN!!!!!


Ladybug Girl said...

Won by a fucking LANDSLIDE!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Cracked Mirror said...


Agent Riot said...


RØÇK †h€ ƒLÒÇK! said...

SCREAMING!! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *cough cough* (damn it i hate being sick!)