Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School, again

yaergh. Nothing much interesting. However, I wanted to post a little paragraph that popped into my head today, for no reason whatsoever. Note: it's NOT what you think it is. I swear.

I smiled at myself as I zipped up my gown. Baby pink and strapless, it would look better on the red carpet than in my home, but I had never quite given up my passion for the old. Besides, today was a day of celebration, so I guess gowns aren't out of the question. A jealous hum echoed through through the halls as the others saw me. Glorious, indeed. I clicked through the rooms, stopping briefly in the kitchen for an espresso. As I said- a passion for the old. I popped a few breath mints, though, for afters. I flung open the double doors, and stepped out into the dazziling sun.
"My friends," I sang, "we are free!"

I have NO IDEA where that came from. It popped into my head randomly. Any ideas? At all? I mean- I've never heard this character in my imagination before.

!!! Weird...

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Ladybug Girl said...

It's good. u should write a whole story!!!