Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New. Stuff.

LOL, I got

1. Shirtsssss!!!! One that looks like this photo of Kari from MythBusters
2. Guy shorts!!!!
3. Pants!!!!
4. A miniskirt!!!
5. Leggings!!!!

Also, I have a performance open to the public on Saturday, 1200 am- 200 pm, at Old Main at CU. Come if you want, don't come if you don't. If I may say so myself, this year in Shakspeare Camp has been the WORST for acting.... X( our director is absolute SHIT... he has NOTHING organized.... Depression!!!!!!!!

Watch this video. You have NO CHOICE. it made me pee myself laughing!!!!!


RØÇK †h€ ƒLÒÇK! said...

Please say that you have an undershirt for the one that you got....

Ladybug Girl said...


Agent Riot said...

Leah- Yes, I do, thank the godess ;p

Ellie- I mean, he's rly rly rly old. Scary old.

Ladybug Girl said...

twue. so FUNNY!!!!!!!!!