Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Post the PostIt

I found a rly good qoute by Edgar Allen Poe 2day. it was something like "I became insane with long insuferable periods of sanity". That pretty muchs sums it up dont u think?
I have nothing to do. I'm suffering panic attacks, so its insanely, tremedously hard for me to hold a train of thought at the moment. Its like Andy withdrawl. :'(
I shouldnt be posting now, in my current state, but oh. freaking. well. I want to. I gained back the weight I originally dropped, going back on my diet 2day. *shudder*. Not fun. Oh well, at least I'm still a 14, but I have like 20 lbs to go until i'm "healthy". I hate the government. I can't hold a train of thought. I also appear to be having some sort of memeory losss, because I cant remeber why I started to write this post in the first place. Should I get dressed? Oh no wait I just did...

I'm just writing now because the clicky-clack-clicky of the keyboard is better than the overwhelming silence of being utterly and completely alone.

Andy, andy, andy, andy, andy, andy I MISS YOU!!!! COME BACK SOON!! WE WILL DO SOMETHING THIS WEEKEND I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!

I need you...


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