Friday, April 4, 2008

Metaphorically speaking, of course

Mr. Wright made us write a right extended metaphor poem (sry about the liberal rhyming there)

I had to cobble something together, because the ACTUAL poem I had going through my head was not something I was about to share. I'll post it hear because I feel like it, goddamit. So if you don't like it: THIS IS MY GORRAM BLOG!!! I WILL POST WHAT EVER THE HELL I WANT TO!!! DONT CRITIZISE SOMETHING YOU WERNT EVEN REQUIRED TO READ!!!
DO NOT READ IF: You do not enjoy shitty poetry, romantic poetry, Andy, metaphors, people trying and failing to sound deep.

Andrea is good news
always changing
but never unwelcome

Andrea is hope
keeping you up for hours
tracing her name in your pillow

Andrea is warmth
helping you going through snow
feeling that if you could be in her arms
things would work out

Andrea, to me, is perfect.

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