Monday, May 4, 2009

That Was Awful

Worst day of the fucking year, and no-one can offer help.

Anyways: Sean, the bastard, is being a complete asshole to Benji and I. ("Benji smells bad! You can't hang out with him!") and complaining he's hungry all the fucking time but then, when you offer him food, says "no.... no..... I'm hungry....." and monopolizes Samantha's attention and is basically a jerkwad. I feel horrible about this and sob, and Sam tries to be comforting but can't because STB is around.
Then, in Drama, more drama. I have to play mediator for two diff. arguments.
No-one can offer helpful advice.

I haven't felt this bad since a year and some ago, but here I am, thinking what the FUCK am I gonna do!?

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