Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who's Gay In (Insert TV Show here)

Alright. This Comic spawned it all.

So, I tried the equation, using Firefly as my base.

--------   +  3 (3-9) |  3(3-9)

Which gave us: Gay= 17 Straight= 18. My conclusion? FAULTY.

So, I decided to try to build my own equation.

TRY ONE: Well, one in ten randomly selected people is gay, right? So, using that as a starting point, I got this:

.10(x)| x-10(x)-y           NOTE: x= # of characters y= children under 16

Well, this gave us 0.9 gay characters and 0.9 straight characters. I had some work to do, obviously.

My next attempt was an utter failure. NOTE: 9*1, the little star indicates to the power of..., so its really nine to the power of one. Capital X is the multiplication symbol. Lower case x is the variable.

x*1             |    x*9
-----X 0.10| ------- - y
  1 100

Which gave me numbers in the billions for straight. Didn't work.

Finally, my last attempt

10(P+Y-2W)= Straight characters

Gay Characters
------------- - Y - P

X= total characters
P= total confirmed straight pairings
Y= children under 16
W= x/10-Y -P

It gave me ~6.1 straight and ~2.9 gay characters. Based on slash fic, clues in the series, and other sources, I say this isn't TOO far off.
Got a better equation? Let me know.


Hello, I'm Bored. said...

my brain hurts and i hardly even read that post.

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Mousey said...

wow tiz... sexuality is now an equation. i guess it always was, what with genetic coding and that stuff that you know more about then me =) but still...