Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In one minet, there are eight opinions.

1. I swear to God, if one more person asks me about that damn fight, I will scream! I have NO IDEA what happened, I wasn't even in school at the time!
- Lindsay Miller

2. Ok, so, like, there's this really ugly chick, and she, like, was being teased by some guys. Ok? Ok. My friend Lindsay said, like "cut it out", but they didn't. So, next thing I know, Alex is like "Fight!!!" and there they were. He looks pretty hurt. He OK?
-Sara Collins

3. Dude, it was so cool! This girl, Miranda, is in my art class right? She's really hot. Anyways, some jerks were being jerks, and she went BAM and punched him right in the face! It's what the motherfucker deserves, I swear. Yea. Yea, make sure to write down "motherfucker". Got that? Good. Can I go now, officer?
- Alex Rodriguez

4. Well I was on lunch duty today. I was talking to Stacey and her friends about cell phones on school grounds, and this horrible shriek fills the air. It was awful. I wish I could have stopped it. That Miranda girl should be expelled.
- Mrs. Ayoub, 9th Grade LA Teacher

5. I dunno. I saw nothing! I swear man, nothing! Dude, you're not gonna search my lockers or dude your face is melting! Dude. Whoa. I am so hi- I mean happy to be in school. Dude... chill out. I'm sure it was nothing.
-Keith Richards

6. My friend Miranda's nice. She has a a temper. But that boy... oh! He makes me mad! He never shuts up, all like "you're stupid!" and trying to grab her boobs and stealing her books and stuff. Oh, I think she shouldn't be punished for that. Self-defense, right? It says right in section 6, paragraph 7: oh? you don't want to hear it? Ok, officer. Sir. Bye!
- Jamie Coslini

7. I punched him in the face. I'm very sorry, and I hope he is OK. But he pushed me beyond my limits.
-Miranda DeVont, purpotraitor. (In response to further questioning, Miss DeVont pleaded the fifth. Her clothes were too dark to see any blood stains. Sevral of her chains matched the pattrens on Mr. Richard's thighs.)

8. ARGH! My face is burning! I swear she beat me like twenty times! In the face! Like, twenty punches! ARGH! I never did nothing to her, she's making shit up, she fucking hates me, man! Damn! Can I get some Advil? I want some fucking Advil, man! Listen! She makes weird shit up all the time! Have you seen her? She's bigger than a fucking whale! God, I want some ice!
- Donald Richards, victim