Sunday, December 21, 2008

G'bye All!

I am off to Michigan!  There was a plane crash at DIA last night, so next you hear from me, I will be VERY cranky. And tired. And have almost zero internet. Check out's top 100 qoutes, though. Hilarious!
Anyways, if my plane crashes and burns to, throw me the biggest damn party known to mankind! And get Amanda Palmer & Brian Molko to show up, too. And Neil Cicirega. 

back to the land of the non-morbid....
my Zoloft hath taken away my ability to write, so shit. Sorry if I don't stay up to date on ur blogs... no internet!!! (Well, very little.)

Oh, and one last thing:


Cracked Mirror said...

What, no Summer Glau at the party? Ah shoot, and I already went and invited her. *shakes her head sadly* I guess I'll just have to cancel that.

Kaylah said...

no!!!!!! WAIT!!!!!! SUMMERGLAU!???!?!?!? u know her1/1/1/1/1/

Cracked Mirror said...

lol I was teasing you, hun. XD