Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mouse. Andy. Read. Now.

Mouse: Fine! Date her already! I'm a big girl, I can handle it, I promise. Plus, from what I've seen, she likes you waaaaaaay more than she ever liked me. Which is saying something.

Andy: Stop rubbing salt in the wound. Stop doing whatever the hell you're doing that makes my brain stop working in math, it's seriously hard to pay attention. Date Mouse, if you want to. Congrats on going to the mall and not dying. Glad someone may cure you.

Have good sex!
-Kaylee Fry, Firefly, Shindig


Ladybug Girl said...

Tizri. Look.
1. I think ur making some wild assumptions here.
2. Don't beat up on urself for this. NOT OKAY!
3. Relax.
4. We all <3 u. Kay?

Agent Riot said...