Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Qoutes of AWESOME!

Benji: "Are you ready... to use your TOUNGE?"

Me: "Oh, its not at all sexual that we're using our tounges to see-saw."
Benji: "And that there's no girls allowed."
Me: Or that we're cramming large, clyndrical peices of wood down our throats.
Benji: "Nope. Nothing wrong with that, Eliana."
Me: "I'm not Ellie."
Benji: "But she's in my havara group!!!"
Me: "WTF?"

Emma: Benji is sooooooooo hot! I want to lick him all over!
Me: Yea, he IS cute.
Me: *facepalm*

(after the airport security told me to go the right way on the moving sidewalk)
Tyler: (Hissed whisper) Actually, lots of people do it everyday. It's called a treadmill. It's widely considered to be healthy.

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Ladybug Girl said...

Much lol-ness. Benji actually has a perverted 1/2 of his brain.. ask me bout it at school.