Friday, August 21, 2009


A peculiar thing happened to me.

I was on the island where my family had the reunion. There was a vase full of flowers. And, I don't know how, or why, I could see their life. It was buzzing around, like static, only not. It was their life. I looked up, to see if anyone else saw this, but no one did. Their clouds of life were huge. They were completely engulfed in them- like the snow on TV you get when you're on a bad channel. I could barely make out their faces. The flowers were right there. Gently, slowly, I touched a petal. Nothing. Its life stayed put. My cousins were asking me something- I don't remember. I didn't respond. Quickly, I pulled off a petal. Its life ripped from the rest in an awful, velcro like sound. The energy faded. It was fading. It would dissapear soon. I popped the petal in my mouth, punctured one delicate end with my cannine. Wham. The energy of the petal buzzed into me, a sharp flash of sense, then nothing. It was a strange thing. As soon as I bit down, killing the petal, I heard a fizzling and a popping and a... dissolveing of the life from the petal. Into me.
My cousins asked me why I ate the flower. I couldn't say. The husk of what once was a petal lay, motionless, in my mouth.
Wanna hear a secret? I ate flowers the rest of the trip. Grass, too. I would suck them of their life then spit the shell out. Food... no longer gave me energy to proceed. No energy. Just a shell we eat. The fizziness faded around me, and eventually I could just call it up whenever I wanted.

But now, in school, it's back. Everyone is static. The pure life force of them astounds me, and if I could... but I wouldn't.

Am I Wrong?

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