Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm verbally abusing daddy dearest so I can get tickets to go to Michigan this summer to be at my grandparent's 50th anniversary party/ whole family reunion/ whole family portrait.
What's strange is, that dosen't strike me as strange. Just part of the routine. So I'm telling him, no, I will NOT fly in at four in the morning on my first day of high school. I'll fly in at six pm. Tops.
Sims 3 is fun, but insanely addictive. I've spent over 200 hours on it already.
To all future employers: Hi! If mom's right, you're reading this. Let me assure you, that the rants and crankiness of a 12+ version of my self have no reflection whatsoever on the person I am today, when I'm trying to get you to hire me. I have never, to my knowledge, participated in any illegal activities.
Also, I'm single. Ellie is, too, now. Samantha was bitten by Sean He won't even say he's sorry. I want him to beg. HIs mother chewed me out thoughroly for not saying positive things to her son. Boo Hoo. I told her he bit his girlfriend, and that the bite brought her weeks of heartache.
My neck feels empty, because all I charms I once carried around with me from friends have one by one dissapeared. I keep fingering my neck, waiting for something to appear.
I go to court soon.
Good naught.

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