Sunday, January 4, 2009

They Said

they said I have schizophrenia, and that all my other disorders are symptoms. 

I'm not, am I?

They said it's that or physcosis.



Cracked Mirror said...

Well, you know, at least the schizophrenics are going to be our saviors during the Apocalypse. :)
And even if you are, you won't be any different than you are now just because of that title. You'll still be the way that you always have been--Tizri.

Ladybug Girl said...

Well, at least it's a diagnosis. :) And I couldn't say it better than Andy. You're you, and if being schizophrenic is part of that, embrace it!

Mousey said...

dude, you are still tiz, wether you like it or not. knowing that you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia doens't change you. if no one had told you, you'd still act the same. you are you!!! and we all love to itsy bitsy bits!! so deal with our koombaya methods!!