Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthday Madness!!!

Happy birthday dear Rob, happy birthday dear Rob, happy birthday dear fucking hot vampire boy, happy birthday dear rob!!!
Lets here a big happy b day for Robert!!!! W00t!!!

In other news...I'M GOING TO THE TWILIGHT MIDNIGHT RELEASE!!!!!! ITS MY BDAY PARTY!!!!! ALL MY FRIENDS ARE INVITED!!!!!!! Also, I'm attending the Breaking Dawn midnight release, which you are all also invited to partake in. Especially members of my coven. ;)

Attendence for both of these events is optional. However, only an idiot or someone who hates being with other people would pass this up.

Leave a comment!!!!!! Comments make me squeal with joy!!!


Edward Ott said...

cool blog. hope you were able to get that patch.

fuzzy4ever said...

I hope so too. Thank thee muchly! One question though; are you from Omerta?